The 3DOOH-Network

Product and brand advertisements to touch ... You will not believe your eyes: products and characters will sway throught the room or appear in the far depths of the displayed picture. Never again will you need glasses like you do in movie theatres to see these effects with our displays!


CINEMA 3DOOH is an abbreviation for „3D-Digital-Out-of-Home“ and means as much as digital 3D-moving pictures for the Out-of-Home area. With “3DOOH“ UNITED ENTERTAIN did not only create a neologism for a digital advertising format but also technologically developed and realized the first digital 3D-moving-pictures-network worldwide.


The third dimension has already conquered our movie theatres. Numerous new movie productions and the outstanding success of the movie “Avatar” in 2009 prove it: never before has a movie theatre visit been more realistic and exciting!

Infotainment without glasses

What’s true for movies is also true for advertisement: Recent studies* clearly show that commercials in 3D do not only bundle the attentions of the viewer but are received and understood as more modern, entertaining, realistic, special and unique!


Commercials in 3D are therefore more effective and promote sales higher than a regular 2D TV-commercial spot. Also, 3D-effects are proven to touch the customer in an emotional way like no other medium and therefore change the customer´s attitude towards commercials in a general more positive way. Three-dimensional advertising really grips the viewer and helps commercials to become quite an experience. Moreover, using auto-stereoscopic displays in public and in national advertising networks for the fist time in this kind of quality, clear value and specific demarcation towards other commercial media measures of other competitors within digital signage is generated.



*FDW-Werbung im Kino: