Press Releases

Since the establishment and the start of our services many media channels have reported about UNITED ENTERTAIN and the glasses-free advertising network. The most relevant releases within and out of the advertising industry can be found here:


Invides (01.2015 - German)


Hamburger Abendblatt (11.2014 - German)


Plugged IN (ON BOARD - 10.2014 - German)


W und V (08/2014 - German)


3D glasses free screen (READ - 07/2014)


Glasses-free 3D screens and content services launched in UAE (07/2014)


UE and Ibrahim Çaglar cooperating for 3D Advertising in Turkey (07/2014 - Turkish)


Big and Crisp (Magazine digital signage - 3/2013 - German)


Press Releases by UNITED ENTERTAIN