Possible Application

Our nationwide 3D advertising network is only one part of our versatile 3D-Portfolio. We offer you individual 3D advertising with display- and housing solutions according to your needs and requirements, and the possibilty to plan and create individual solutions with you.


Our diverse 3D advertising solutions can be used for:


- Traid fair exhibition
- Inhouse-Advertising
- Store Concept
- Product Show
- Foto Show
- Eyecatcher in your window


Our portfolio consists of displays in all possible sizes from 8 to 70“ diagonal screen measurement. Why not present your commercial or product anywhere to any occasion in any imaginable format? Place our displays to your walls via wall mounting, at your office desk as a desk presenter, on your countertop integrated in the money tray or prominently make use of our 3D infotainment system anywhere in your premises – nothing is impossible.


You simply need a socket outlet – we will take care of everything else.


Existing movie material will be converted and produced by our inhouse-unit united.digital.production. The data will be transferred from our broadcast center to the Infotainment Systems via UMTS. Each infotainment system may be provided individually, i.e. different content is possible on different Infotainment Systems.


Content may also be provided to the Infotainment Systems via USB stick.