What is the meaning of 3D?

There is no general definition for the term "3D”. In general, “3D” stands for the playout of pictures with a spatially and plastically impression by the viewer.


How does 3D work?

A spatial picture is created by our brain, combining two pictures into one. The human being views objects out of two different viewing angles, since each eye provides a different perspective. In movie theaters, this special effect is created by using special glasses.


We do replace these glasses by our 3D infotainment systems. The 2 different viewing angles are provided automatically by our systems so that glasses are not needed anymore.


More specific information can be found here. http://www.stereoskopie.org/ 


How does 3D without glasses work?

In order to view spatially, the human eye has to have two different pictures with two different perspectives. This outcome is created by the combination of specific soft- and hardware components. To satisfy you orders and wishes, we may also use your own created movie material.


One of the components for three-dimensional viewing is the so called autosteroscopic multi-view-display with a special filter, which leads the light of different pixels into different directions in front of the display.


Our multi-view-display sends even more than the necessary two different perspectives. (the video format used by UNITED ENTERTAIN broadcasts moving pictures containing 8 different, camera views of the respective objects slightly adjusted to the side and somehow interlaced.


Therfore it is possible to move around in front of the infotainment system without loosing the 3D effect. The object simply presents itself out of a different perspective, depending on the point of the viewer. This allows more than one person to experience the 3D-effect without glasses at the same time.


Futher information:

Video of the Fraunhofer-Instituts: www.youtube.com/watch



What does „auto-stereoscopic“ mean?

The word "auto-stereoskopic" derived from Greekand means self ("auto") spatial ("stereo") viewing ("skopein").


Accordingly, the respective method for the presentation of three dimensional pictures with a real depth without any helping glasses "autostereoscopy". In connection with 3D, autostereoscopy is the scientific term for „3D without glasses“.


Why should I advertise in 3D?

Commercials in 3D are more innovative and unique!


A variety of studies show: 3D spots create a maximum of attention – two of the studies you may find beneath. According to them, 3D spots are more realistic, entertaining and therefore have a greater effect than common 2D commercials.


The possibilities are broad: product presentations, movie trailers, foto shows, videos on trade fairs, shop passages, shop window or other public buildings.


Impress your target group! 


Don’t hesitate to contact us: We will support you by choosing the right product for your purposes and target groups.


Links to studies:


How much do I have to spend for 3D commercials?

On the 10th of January 2012 the title of WELT ONLINE was: „3D without glasses is too expensive and immature.”


With our product we prove the opposite and present high-quality commercials in 3D without glasses in our nationwide 3D-advertising network at very reasonable conditions!


Don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to provide you with a detailed and individual offer.


First information can be found in our media data under downloads. For a first calculation, please use our media calculator.


Is there an all-in-one package?

Yes, there is.


We offer the whole package starting from the storyboard and the production, broadcast and support for 3D content, infotainment system installation – all out of one source.


Concerning the content production you may choose between different packages („small“, „medium“, „large“ or „extra-large“)– solutions for every taste and budget.


What does an infotainment system by United Entertain include?

Our standard infotainment system is covered in a 2,22 x 0,90 m black acrylic stele with a steel foot.


The systems are available with multi-view displays (32” and a screen size of 81,28 cm) on one or both sides (single or double). They contain a pc playout system with content management software for your individual playlist and a bose sound system.


Form of the stele and size of the display (up to 80”) may be styled individually as for your trade fair presentation or your inhouse commercials. Simply get in touch with us.


What does "3DOOH" stand for?

3DOOH is the abbreviation for „3D-Digital-out-of-Home“ and represents the digital moving pictures in 3D in the outdoor advertising area.

More information on that and concerning our brand CINEMA 3DOOH can be found here. hier.


What does "3D Broadcast Center" mean?

The 3D broadcast center is our company headquarter out of which we broadcast the commercials or 3D content and where all advertising networks come together.


The 3D broadcast center is therefore the heart of our 3D advertising network.


All networks and even single individual Infotainment Systems may be controlled out of the headquarter via a content management software. In process, new advertising content is being sent to the main server and from there on to the digital networks. Automatically created transmission protocols prove the broadcast at any time.


You advantage: 100 % network stability and flexibility!


What do I also need, next to a power socket, to operate a 3D infotainment system?

Nothing, really!


The 3D Infotainment Systems are constructed in an way that a permanent connection with a standard power supply is sufficient for the operation.


Since the systems are controlled via UMTS out of our broadcast center, a non-permanent UMTS Connection is sufficient.


In case of a more or less stable UMTS, no permanent internet connection is necessary.


How long is the maximum broadcast time a day?


We guarantee a broadcast time of 12 hours minimum daily.


Longer times of broadcast per day are possible and need to be negotiated.


How is the broadcastprogram arranged in the 3D Infotainment Systems in the movie theater foyers?


Especially for our movie theatre customers we shaped the broadcast program into 3 parts


1. 3D-Commercials (50%)


2. Infotainment (25%)


3. 3D-movie theatre trailers and program forecasts (25%).


The single program loops have a lengths of 2 x 3 minutes in general. A commercial with a lengths of 10 sec. is therefore being broadcasted in every 6 minutes on a 3D infotainment system.


How extensive is the 3D advertising network by UNITED ENTERTAIN?


The 3D-advertising network by UNITED ENTERTAIN covers the whole of Germany .


3D commercial are being broadcasted in almost all German metropolis in the movie theatre foyers of the cinema operators CineStar and UCI KINOWELT.


Until the end of the year 2013 new sites are planned so that we plan to achive a number of 300 movie theatre sites and 2.200 displays altogether.


The 3D advertising network by UNITED ENTERTAIN grows continuously! 


How many steles are in a movie theater foyer?


In the largest movie theatre foyers are currently up to 12 3D-Infotainment Systems.


In order to check the most prominent contact positions, we choose the statistically documented moving patterns of the visitors before and after a show.


Did you know that a visitor stays in the foyer approximately 21 min. before the movie starts and after the show another 15 minutes?


Very comfortable seating corners and long lines in front of the sales counters to get snacks and drinks make people stay in the foyers for so long.


Movie theatre foyers are therefor the ideal place for your commercial! Contact us for bookable broadcast time ranges.


Who can convert my already existing commercial into the right 3D format ready to be broadcasted on the network by UNITED ENTERTAIN?

UNITED ENTERTAIN has an inhouse unit, the UNITED ENTERTAIN PRODUCTION which is capable of producing and converting impressive 3D content.


3D computer animations can be created as well as 3D real film. Also the conversion of already existing 2D data into 3D data is possible. In eleven production suites the experienced UNITED ENTERTAIN PRODUCTION-team leads the production of high-end material like 3D-spots, -trailers and 3D-infotainment. Find an overview of the whole service here. Convince yourself and enjoy this following insight into the works of the UNITED ENTERTAIN PRODUCTION




Wer bringt meinen Werbefilm in das richtige Format für das 3D-Werbenetz von UNITED ENTERTAIN?

UNITED ENTERTAIN hat mit UNITED ENTERTAIN PRODUCTION eine sog. Inhouse-Unit angeschlossen, die in der Lage ist, eindrucksvollen 3D-Content herzustellen und zu bearbeiten.


3D-Computer-Animationen können ebenso kreiert werden wie 3D-Realbilder. Die Konvertierung Ihrer bereits vorhandenen 2D-Daten oder 2D–Filme in 3D-Inhalte ist möglich.


In elf Production-Suits betreut das erfahrene UNITED ENTERTAIN PRODUCTION-Team die Produktion von High-End Ergebnissen wie 3D-Spots, -Trailer und 3D-Infotainment. Einen Überblick über das gesamte Leistungsspektrum finden Sie hier.


Überzeugen Sie sich selbst und genießen Sie den folgenden Einblick in die Arbeit des UNITED ENTERTAIN PRODUCTION-Teams: