About Us

UNITED ENTERTAIN GmbH & Co. KG is your innovative media partner and system provider offering the first nationwide 3D glasses-free, digital Out-of-Home network in Germany.


More than 6 years of development and research led to the successful production of digital moving pictures with 3D screens on the basis of auto-stereoscopic 3D.


Thanks to our own 3D technologies for the production of auto-stereoscopic displays, 3D content management systems as well as auto-stereoscopic content and in corporation with our partner the UNITED DIGITAL PRODUCTION GmbH & Co. KG we may ensure to provide you with the following services under one roof such as: content consultation and content production, advertisement broadcast and of course our 3D Infotainment Systems for sale or rent.

Our acrylic, black shining 3D Infotainment Systems with 32” displays are placed in numerous movie theatre foyers throughout Germany (i.e. in the movie theaters CineStar and UCI KINOWELT).


By using our network for their advertisement broadcast, customers may take advantage of the increased attention generated by 3D displays in comparison to regular 2D displays.


Become part of our 3D-network and book a slot for your exclusive 3D-advertisement. Rent or buy our displays available in different sizes up to 70” and we deliver them professionally to your desired location.


The succcessful visionary and business man Frank Buddenhagen from Hamburg, Germany established UNITED ENTERTAIN GmbH & Co. KG with the goal of offering a unique way of digital advertising in auto-stereoscopic 3D.


Already a year before that, a team of experts consisting out of media technicians, developers and IT-, Media- and Sales specialists teamed up to technologically experiment with already existing systems for auto-stereoscopy and general process technology to analyze the physical realisation of digital 3D visualizing on LCD-screens.


While planning the establishment of our digital advertising networks, we conducted numerous tests of 3D screens of different brands at the point of use.

After extensive screening, UNITED ENTERTAIN decided for the self-development of the screens. After a series of successful testing the launch for the production of auto-stereoscopic screens of the latest generation „made in Germany“ followed.


You may therefore find the highest technical competence and the best 3D screens based on our research, solely at UNITED ENTERTAIN and UNITED DIGITAL PRODUCTIONIn August 2012 UNITED ENTERTAIN completed the product roll-out in the German market.


Currently our auto-stereoscopic 3D-movie-theatre-network by UNITED ENTERTAIN can be seen in 60 movie theatres of the market leaders UCI KINOWELT and CineStar in 47 German cities.